Key Person

Caring Relationships

A warm relaxed atmosphere is created within our nursery based on caring relationships between our staff and the children in their care. Our nursery staff all act as role models within the setting, and recognise that children learn by example and are constantly learning through observation. Common courtesy, mutual respect and patience are demonstrated at all times throughout our settings.

Your Key Person

Your child is allocated a Key Person within their room, who is responsible for your child’s well-being, ensuring your child feels secure and happy while they are away from home. Your child’s Key Person will liaise with you at the end of each day, keeping you informed of your child’s experiences at nursery and ensuring you don’t have to miss out on any aspect of your child’s day.


To ensure continuity of care each Key Person is paired with another member of staff who will take on the role of the Key Person during periods of absence by the Key Person such as holidays.

For Parents

The Key Person approach provides you with a dedicated staff member who fully understands the learning, development and care needs of your child. The Key Person will incorporate information and requirements you give about your child to ensure that the care of your child is tailored to your child’s needs.  Your child will have activities and learning experiences planned for them based on their individual needs.

This gives you the confidence to leave your child at the nursery knowing they will be cared for by someone that understands your child.


Sharing of information allows the Key Person to maintain a continuity of care and ensure a partnership between home and the nursery setting which is an important part of ‘Parents as Partners’ approach.

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